When Your Passion Aroused by Speed

Drum Kit, originating from Aframerican musician Sir Jazzbo Brown, is a set of percussion instrument which consists of many drums hanging on a shelf in appearance and has been sweeping the world for more than one century.

In 2010, a seventeen-year-old high school girl was washing her bento box in caféteria, her another classmate dropped a remark that she was suitable for drum kit because she was powerful when she shook the box. A girl who even had never touched drum kit before began her twists and turns on learning drum kit.

Soon she discovered that drum kit was not an instrument everyone could play only by wrists’ dynamics. In fact, it also requires you to have a good coordination between both hands, well control sticks waving height, keep stable sense of rhythm, and master basic techniques such as single stroke, double stroke, comples jump, fills etc. Whether to give up or continue struggling is indeed a dilemma at that time.



However, this dilemma has been solved in Drum Master today.



Use your fingers to touch the interface, you can feel freely dense drumbeats and customize sonorous and forceful rhythm. You can experience perfect speed-passion combination, free rhythm-soul sparkles, and have auditory and feeling feasts to your heart ‘s content.



In beautiful melodies, you are easily ignited with delight and fulfillment amid sonorous rock, passionate jazz and sexy dance at your every finger’s clicking!

When your passion is aroused by speed, all your emotions burst out at moment. Linked to your real drum kit and you will never wanna stop then.