Android Application Developer:

Job Number : 12416

Date Posted :    Nov. 26, 2018

Travel:  None

Profession :    IT

Role Type :  Individual Contributor

Employment Type: Full- Time


Core areas of focus for this role include:

  • Be responsible for mobile application architecture and development on Android platform, and core technology verification and selection.
  • Participate in product demand analysis, formulate relevant technology implementation scheme, follow up business demand changes, fast trace and solve users’ problem.
  • Assist in Android technology architecture and design, and research on new mobile application development technology.
  • Check App codes in each component, find out code errors, control code quality, provide improvement program and initiate reconstruction plan.
  • Be responsible for update, maintenance, architecture and design of users-end application, and analyze to optimize system.
  • Solve technical problems from product design to trial period.


Recommended Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Communications Engineering, Electronic Information Technology or relevant sciences is preferred.
  • Three years’ or above Android development experience or launched works with considerable amounts of users.
  • Solid foundation in Java, users-oriented programming basis, rigid programming style, and insight into users-oriented designing ideas and common design mode.
  • Be adept in Android development framework, Android features and component-based communications protocols, e.g. Socket, TCP/ IP, HTTP/ HTTPS, BLE and WIFI.
  • Good command of Android’s API, Android architecture, life circle, interface sketch, backstage operation and data storage and other principles.

Benefits and perks

Five social insurance and housing accumulation fund

Maternity and paternity leave

Performance bonus and year-end bonus

Afternoon tea and desserts

Seasonal tourism routes