Music Education Researcher:

Job Number : 12412

Date Posted :    Nov. 26, 2018

Travel:  None

Profession :   Teaching

Role Type :  Individual Contributor

Employment Type: Full- Time


Core areas of focus for this role include:

  • Formulate music industry strategy, maintain content operation and dig out music industries’ value according to business necessity.
  • Evaluate, ornament and scheme content of music industry, promote whole quality of music product and fulfill department’s operation goal.
  • Analyse users’ music preference, put forward practical development strategy and submit music research report and project construction plan.
  • Conduct musical products data analysis, collect and integrate information, trace music industries’ dynamics and write research report.


Recommended Qualifications:

  • At least three years’ working experience in electronic music industry and profound understanding and resources towards music industry.
  • Insight into instrument teaching hot issues, good communication skills, clear logic and music passion.
  • Solid music theory foundation, enriched music accomplishment and teaching experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Musicology, Music Education, Fine Arts Education (Children), National Instrument, Music Therapy and relevant other sciences.


Benefits and perks

Five social insurance and housing accumulation fund

Maternity and paternity leave

Performance bonus and year-end bonus

Afternoon tea and desserts

Seasonal tourism routes